More Than 50 Years in the Industry

The installation of natural gas pipelines is a specialized part of the construction industry that requires a high degree of training, attention to detail, and a 100% dedication to safety. We are proud to bring more than five decades of experience and expertise to every job. We are dedicated to the success of every customer we serve.

We are pleased to service clients in northeast, northwest, central, and west Georgia. We offer a variety of services, all designed to make your project easier to deal with and faster to complete. Our services include the following: installation of gas pipes, service for area homeowners, and service for builders and developers.

Installation of Gas Pipes

We are able to install all manner of gas pipes, including both main and service lines. We are proud to have provided natural gas lines to communities throughout north, central, and west Georgia.

Service for Area Homeowners

As costs come down and technology improves, the amount of natural gas usage is only expected to grow. When properly installed, natural gas provides a safe, reliable, and affordable way for individuals and businesses to heat their homes.

At Gunter Construction Company, Inc., we are able to offer assistance to individual homeowners. Whether you are moving into an existing home or building a new property, we can help you with the installation of your underground natural gas lines.

Service for Builders and Developers

The Atlanta area is growing rapidly, which is good news for the entire state of Georgia. This growth means builders and developers are busy investing in new housing developments.

Gunter Construction Company, Inc. specializes in helping builders and developers lay down the infrastructure needed to provide Georgia residents with a great place to live. We are equipped to help with every aspect of the installation. We specialize in installing natural gas pipelines and providing natural gas service to new and existing homes, subdivisions, and commercial business parks.

These are just a few examples of the types of services we offer. No matter the job, we guarantee that Gunter Construction Company, Inc. will bring our best to the table. We are dedicated to the success of every client we work with.

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