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At Gunter Construction Company, we pride ourselves on being experts in the underground utility construction industry. We are proud to service northeast, northwest, central, and west Georgia.

Our business continues to grow rapidly. We have recently expanded our offices to two locations: Cartersville and Carrollton. This expansion allows us to better serve our employees and our customers. We know the underground utility construction industry better than most, and we are dedicated to faithfully serving every client successfully.

Experts in Our Field

We understand that natural gas utility is unlike any other form of underground construction. Installing natural gas utilities requires a special level of expertise and level of safety. Working with natural gas can be dangerous, which is why safety is our top core value. We are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the surrounding areas.

In addition to being experts in our safety level, we also pride ourselves on staying up to date with the ever-changing thicket of government regulations. These regulations are not impediments; they are necessary guidelines. We work hard to ensure we understand and abide by those guidelines. In doing so, we are able to operate safely and at the highest level.

Only the Best Work for Gunter

We at Gunter Construction Company know that a successful business is because of a well-trained and experienced employees. Training is one of the biggest keys to success in this specialized part of the underground construction industry. This is why we make sure every employee is properly trained in all areas – from digging and fusing safely, to the best way to close out a project.

We understand that change is the only constant in the natural gas industry. Because of this, we have worked hard to ensure we have the experience and expertise to change with it. We pride ourselves on being uniquely suited to confront these challenges and to take advantage of the latest changes in the industry.

Whether you are seeking out our expertise, or hoping to join our team, we would love to talk with you. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and how our vast experience can help you succeed.

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